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Renewable Energies

Small-scale renewable energies widely open possibilities of complementing a sustainable construction project. However, it is essential to achieve a correct estimate of the natural resources available to understand and responsibly manage the facility design. These assessments should also characterized the vicinity of the project, ie, is not enough to know the geographical area but the immediate "obstacles" should also be identified (other buildings, trees, building orientation, etc.). Availability of natural resources could be greatly affected through shadows, wind noise, etc. Experience demonstrates that these often neglected factors have a great impact when projecting energy generation.

We count with a team of specialized professionals, with strong academic background, specialized in renewable energies and currently involved in R&D projects. Our expertise and experience guarantees our customers realistic and serious solutions in this field.



  • Electricity demand.

  • On-grid, off-grid and co-generation installations.

  • fresh water demand.

  • Residential projects.

  • Office buildings.

  • Service buildings (Public dependencies, Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Laboratories, etc.)




  • Solar-Photovoltaic projects

  • Low and mid-power wind projects.

  • Hot water demand. Solar-thermal.

  • Water pumping, solar pumps.

  • Co-generation. Solar-Wind-Diesel.

  • Energy accumulation.

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