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Energy Efficiency for Architectural Projects

Whether in residential or service buildings, Sustentia Engineering provides consulting services in Energy Modeling according to international standards (ASHRAE 90.1 & Green Building Council). We assist the Design Teams on Sustainable Construction for either new projects or retrofit of existing buildings.




  • Residencial Projects

  • Office Buildings

  • Service Buildings (Public buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Laboratories, etc.)

No matter if your goal is to certify a project under sustainability standards or adding value through optimal design and responsible management of energy resources, our services allow you to do much more than saving money in the medium and long term. Applying energy efficiency criteria involves adopting an evolved and distinctive philosophy from typical construction standards.


Smart insulation – Energy simulations allow for optimal insulation design of walls and roofs, maximizing both thermal comfort and energy savings.



  • Facilities audits.

  • Building envelope analysis (core materials, fenestration, ceilings, insulation, etc.)

  • Thermal studies and electrical demand (Modeling what, when and how much energy is consumed from the occupation and functionality of the building).

  • End-user comfort analysis.

  • Daylight optimizations.

  • Orientation analysis based on solar and wind resources.

  • Shadows analysis

  • Sunlight analysis.

  • Return of investment (ROI). Cost-benefit relation scenarios.

Shadows analysis and daylight utilization. Paths and sun position throughout the year for the proposed site.

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