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Sustainable Construction Certification - DGNB System

The DGNB certification system evaluates and promotes buildings and urban districts which demonstrate their commitment towards sustainability targets. Beyond the three pillar criteria which form the basis of sustainability (environmental, economic and social), the DGNB System covers key aspects of sustainable construction: environmental, economic, socio-cultural-and-functional, technology, processes and location. In this way, the system proposes a holistic vision that gives equal weight to both economic aspects and ecological criteria, making it unique in this area. Thus, evaluations contemplate the entire life cycle of a building. It is a distinctive development of certification systems, focused on the future.




The sustainability criteria considered by DGNB are grouped into six Quality sections: Ecology, Economics, Socio-Cultural, Technology, Work Processes and Location. As Official DGNB Consultants, we will guide you and manage the entire certification process.


If you wish to learn more, access DGNB official site.

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