Sustentia Ingenieria


On a holistic approach to Sustainability best practices, we provide consulting services on three main pillars:


  • Energy Efficiency:


Either as specific consulting or ongoing consultancy staff, we assist Construction and Architectural Companies in optimizing the energy performance of their projects. By means of computational simulation we can model and analyze alternative consumption scenarios. In this way we bring into the picture and take advantage of several possible strategies as, natural ventilation along with mechanical equipment (HVAC); maximization of the use of natural light; strategic distribution of insulation and building materials; etc., all according to the specific weather and natural resources of the site.

  • Renewable Energies


We carefully assess the technical and economic feasibility of each project where renewable energy solutions could be applied. We design on-grid, isolated, or co-generation installations. Our experience adds value to our customers positioning them in the new paradigm of economy, responsibility and respect for available resources.


  • DGNB - Sustainable Construction Certifications


The DGNB System, developed in Germany by the German Sustainable Building Council, proposes an evolved view to the evaluation of this type of construction. A holistic view which includes six basic quality criteria for building lifecycle. As Official DGNB Consultants, we will guide you and manage the whole certification process.


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